• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Track

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Reward Stickers

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, pencils

Extras: Online Resource sheet


Words: rain, duck, tortoise

Phrases: What is it?/What’s that? It is raining

Lesson 1 | 15 to 20 minutes

Language presenter film track

Ask the class to sit where they can see the screen easily.
Show the clip and invite the children to repeat the new words and phrases.
Invite the children to stand up to watch again so that they can do actions to match the words: Wiggle and lower your fingers for it is raining; walk fast on the spot for fast and slowly on the spot for slowly; shrink their heads into their necks for tortoise and waddle round in a circle on the spot for duck. Encourage them to repeat the words and phrases with the presenter as they do so.

Invite the class to go to the Classroom Poster.
Show the rain flashcard and ask a child in the home language to match it to an image on the poster. Ask the class what the characters call this kind of weather and elicit rain or it is raining.
Now ask the class if they can see another kind of weather that they know in English and elicit sun and rainbow.
Praise everyone.

Flashcard game Tom and the tortoise

Invite the class to stand in a circle.
Show three flashcards alternately and ask the class to change their pace of walking on the spot to match the image: Tom = fast; tortoise = slowly; Cat = stop and sit down. Have a few trial runs, then show the cards and ask everyone to react and change their pace as fast as they can.
Extension: Once they have mastered these three cards, add in Dog for which the reaction is to jump on the spot. You can make this an elimination game if you wish – the slowest kneels down and tucks their arms and head under, like a tortoise in its shell!
Praise everyone.

Remind the class to listen to the songs and do the actions for this unit at home.

Unit 8 | Lesson 2 | 15 mins

Flashcard game: What’s that?

Show the class the following flashcards. If you can, ask them what each item is using the question phrase that Keri said and that we have learnt already: What’s that? Show: Dog, frog, duck, tortoise, Cat, squirrel, fly.
Ask the class to stand in a circle. Invite a volunteer to mime being one of the creatures and ask the class to guess what Keri calls it (its English name). At first, invite the class to call out the answers, then ask individuals to tell you so that you can check which words they have remembered.
Note: Place the flashcards on the floor around the inner edge of the circle so that a child who is not yet confident in speaking can point to the correct answer and so still get praise!
Extension: If you feel able to use more language, include the phrase used already It’s a…Then pupils can reply with a whole sentence: It’s a frog!

Lesson 3 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book – pre‑writing

Use a new transition action to move to the tables. Invite the class to walk slowly like a tortoise and to repeat Slowly, slowly! as they walk to the tables.
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.
Hold up a page to demonstrate this pre‑writing skill of tracing over lines that prepare children for writing letter shapes.
Ask the class to draw over the frog’s jumps. Tom’s jumps and the tortoise’s slow walk through the puddles.
Check that everyone has completed the sheet correctly. Hold it up and elicit the words frog and tortoise. Ask what is missing from the episode story and see if anyone can remember duck. If so, award a reward sticker.
Praise everyone!

Pupil's book page

Lesson 4 | 15 mins

Actions game + Tom and Keri theme song

Invite everyone to stand in a space. Explain that you are going to play some music and give an instruction. Invite them to move fast or slowly on the spot and when you stop the music suddenly, they should stop moving that instant, even with their hands in the air!
Say slowly. Play the Tom and Keri theme song. Stop it suddenly and then say fast before you restart the music.

Once the class understands the game, you can make it an elimination game and find a winner. Praise everyone.

Tom and Keri theme song

Lesson 5 | 15 + mins

Craft Online resource sheet

Invite the pupils to sit at the tables, using a transition action or song.
Hand out colouring pencils and the online resource sheet.
First, point to the dotted number shapes and repeat the words.
Invite the class to trace over the numbers to prepare them for trying to write them in the revision lesson.
Check that they managing. Let them colour the images and numbers at the end.
Praise everyone.