• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Track

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Reward Stickers

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, pencils

Extras: Online Resource sheet


Words: book, picture, picture book, violin
Phrase: Who is it?

Lesson 1 | 15 to 20 minutes

Language presenter film track

Ask the class to sit where they can see the screen easily.
Show the clip and invite the children to repeat the new words and phrases. They already know book from the toy box unit, so perhaps repeat the gesture of holding palms up like an open book. Draw a square in the air like a picture frame for picture, open your hands as if questioning for Who is it? and hide your face behind your hands, then peep out for Peepbo!
Encourage them to repeat the words and phrases with the presenter and to do the actions.
Praise everyone.

Song Who is it?

Song text
Who is it? Who is it? Peepbo, peepbo!
Who is it? Who is it? Peepbo, peepbo! Peepbo, peepbo!
Peepbo, Teddy!

Invite the class to sit or stand and to hide their faces behind their hands.
Play the track and encourage them to join in with the phrase Who is it? while keeping their faces hidden, then to open their hands to show their faces when they sing Peepbo!
Quiet pupils can just do the actions to show that they understand but are not ready to join in with the singing. Praise everyone.

Who is it?

Musical instruments

Show the violin card and ask in the home language what it does. Elicit that it makes music.
Ask which other music instrument they have met in a Tom and Keri story. If no one can remember (drum), play the Toy soldier song to remind them. Elicit drum.
Play the song again and all march round the room miming banging a drum.
Praise everyone.

Lesson 2 | 15 mins

Game Who is it?

Invite everyone to sit where they can see you. Hold up the character flashcards plus the teddy and dolly cards hidden behind a cover card.
Reveal each character a piece at a time by moving the cover card and invite the class to guess who it is. While the character is hidden, repeat the phrase from the song together Who is it? When the character is revealed and identified, repeat together Peepbo! and the character name. Start with Peepbo, Teddy!
Praise everyone.

Lesson 3 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book

Use a transition action to move to the tables. Perhaps invite the class to walk to the tables like teddy with big feet and straight legs!
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.
Hold up the page, point to the numbers on the page and explain that they are linked to the pictures that are steps in the story. The task is to link the pictures to the right numbers to put them back into the right sequential order.
Demonstrate linking picture one and number one to show that this is where the story starts.
Show the story animation again if the pupils struggle because this is the first time that they have been asked to do this task.
Check that everyone has completed the sheet correctly, then hold up an example and point to each picture and number so that the pupils can see the right order.
Point to items of vocabulary on the page and elicit their names so that everyone can feel successful even if they found this activity difficult because it is new. Elicit book, picture book, teddies, Tom, Keri, Cat and Dog.
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Lesson 4 | 15 mins

Song Picture book

Song text
Can you see the picture book,
Picture book, picture book?
Can you see the picture book?
Let us look and see!

I can see Teddy, Dog and Dolly, too,
I can see Cat sleeping,
Sleeping Cat, can you?

Can you see the picture book,
Picture book, picture book?
Can you see the picture book?
Let us look and see!

Invite everyone to stand where they can see the board.
Pin up pictures of the words in the song, well spaced out so that the class can point to each image distinctly. Put up: picture book, teddy, Dog, dolly, Cat.
Remind them of the gesture for looking (shielding your eyes with your hand).
Introduce a gesture for sleeping of placing your head on your hands. Run through all the gestures before you try to sing along:

  • Point to the picture book card;

  • Gesture looking;

  • Point to the image cards in turn; sleep like Cat;

  • Point to the picture book.

  • Play the song and all join in with gestures, then the words.
    Praise everyone.

Picture book

Lesson 5 | 15 + mins

Craft Online resource sheet

Note: Please choose this option for Lesson 5 so that you have the mini‑picture books available for the rest of the lessons in this unit.

Invite the pupils to sit at the tables, using a transition action or song.
Hand out colouring pencils and the online resource sheet.
Invite the class to colour the picture pages then help the pupils to name and fold the mini‑picture books.
Invite the class to hold them up and name all the pictures together.
Praise everyone and keep the booklets for use in later Lessons.