• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Track

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Reward Stickers

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, pencils

Extras: Online Resource sheet + mini‑picture books from lesson 5


Words book, picture, picture book, violin
Extension: Can you see/I can see

Lesson 6 | 15 to 20 minutes

Language presenter film track

Ask the class to sit where they can see the screen easily.
Show the clip and invite the children to repeat the new words and phrases. Repeat the gestures outlined in lesson 1 of holding palms up like an open book for book then draw a square in the air like a picture frame for picture, open your hands as if questioning for Who is it? and hide your face behind your hands, then peep out for Peepbo!
Encourage the class to repeat the words and phrases with the presenter and to do the actions.
Praise everyone.

Song Picture Book

Repeat the song activity from lesson 4.
Extension: Use the mini‑picture books.
Play the song and invite the pupils to point to the right image in their mini‑picture books when they hear the words in the song.
Walk around the class and check that the pupils are pointing to the right images at the right time. Help any pupils who are not matching them correctly.
Praise everyone.

Picture book

Flashcard Build a Picture Book game

This is a simple way of revising many of the words learnt so far.
Explain in the home language that you are going to use the flashcards to build your own class picture book and that you would like each pupil to pick and name a card for the book.
Sit in a circle or with the pupils gathered around you.
Lay out or hold out the picture flashcards for all the items met on the course so far.
Invite each pupil in turn to come and name one, pick it up and hand it to you to add to your pile of pictures.
When the collection of pictures is ready, praise everyone.

Lesson 7 | 15 mins

Game Can you see?

Invite everyone to sit with the mini‑picture books from the online resource sheet. If you did not make the cards in Lesson five, you can make them now and then use them.
Show a card and use the phrase Can you see…? and show the card.
Invite a volunteer to point to his or her matching picture in the mini picture book and use the phrase I can see the… This phrase should be very familiar now, as it has been used in several stories since unit 4.
Praise everyone.

Lesson 8 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book

Use a transition action to move to the tables. Perhaps invite the class to walk to the tables like teddy with big feet and straight legs!
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.
Hold up the page and explain that this activity is also about looking carefully and seeing differences. Ask the class to look first at the left hand image then at the right hand image. Where there is a change such as something is missing or something has changed colour or something has been added, ask the class to mark the picture with a small circle.
When they can count five circles on the right hand page, then they have found all the differences!
Hold up a completed sheet and check the answers with the class.
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Lesson 9 | 15 mins

Song Who is it? (Song track and the backing track)

Show the following character cards: Teddy, Dolly, Keri.
Explain that you are all going to sing the Who is it? song.
Sing it using the standard words ending in Peepbo, Teddy! and show the the teddy card. Then explain that you are going to replace the card and the word in the song with dolly.
Hold up the dolly flashcard.
Play the backing track for the song so that the singers do not distract the pupils by singing teddy at the end.
Sing the simple song together and end with Peepbo, Dolly! instead of teddy.
Repeat it so that everyone understands what to do, then replace the Dolly card with Keri and sing it all again!
Note: This encourages the children to think that set phrases can be changed and words replaced.
Praise everyone.

Who is it?

Who is it? - instrumental

Lesson 10 | 15 + mins

Craft Online resource sheet

Choose to repeat one of the lessons above or choose this craft option.

Invite the pupils to sit at the tables, using a transition action or song.
Hand out colouring pencils and the online resource sheet.
Invite the class to colour the chain of toy box teddies. Help them to fold the chain and if possible to cut them out.
Invite the class to hold them up and count the teddies together.
Praise everyone and allow them to take the teddy chain home so that they can share it with their family and also count to five!