• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Tracks

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, colouring pencils

  • Character Puppets

Extras: Online Resources Sheet, Plain sheet of paper for each child

New: duck, rain, fast, slowly, walk, tortoise, it is raining,
what can we do?
Main recycled: jump, hat, frog
New classroom language: That's right!, Trace
Extension: I've got, What is it?

Hello with the Cat puppet

3‑5 mins

Bring the Cat puppet to the class. Say Hello, Cat!
Let Cat whisper to you. Say Cat says, “Come with me to the Classroom Poster!” Let Cat point at the rain and ask the line from the film What is it, Cat? Let Cat whisper again. Say Cat says, “Rain. It is raining!” Oh dear!
Invite a volunteer to remind the class in the home language what happens in the story about the rain. Elicit that Cat and Dog see strange footprints leading to the playhouse, so the four friends go into the playhouse to find out what made them. They find the duck, then see more prints and find three frogs and finally a tortoise! It starts to rain again so they jump in the puddles. Tom and Dog fall over and get very wet. They come back out of the playhouse and see new, big footprints – but they are not strange – they were made by Tom’s boots!
Praise everyone.


5‑10 mins

Point to the film icon on the Classroom poster and watch the vocabulary presentation.
Say Watch, listen and say!
Encourage the pupils to repeat the words for rain, duck, frog, fast, slowly and tortoise plus the phrase it is raining.
Show the clip again and invite the children to mime sheltering under their two hands, held over their heads like a pitched roof, as they repeat the phrase.
Wave goodbye to the presenter and say Goodbye! See you soon!

Pupil’s Book

15‑20 mins

Use a new transition action to move to the tables. Invite the class to walk slowly like a tortoise and to repeat Slowly, slowly! as they walk to the tables.

Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.

Hold up a page to demonstrate the pre‑writing skill of tracing over lines that prepare children for writing letter shapes.

Introduce the new instruction Trace over the lines!

Ask the class to draw over the frog’s jumps, Tom’s jumps and the tortoise’s slow walk through the puddles.

Check that everyone has completed the sheet correctly.

Hold it up and elicit the words frog and tortoise. Ask what is missing from the episode story and see if anyone can remember duck. If so, award a reward sticker.

Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Walking rhyme (PLUS teachers only)

10‑15 mins

Show the tortoise flashcard and remind the class that the tortoise walks slowly. All walk slowly on the spot. Repeat the verb walk, walk, walk and all walk on the spot to make a link with the story.
Stand in pairs, ready to make the Tortoise parade!
Now say the rhyme and walk slowly, first on the spot then around the room in time to the rhythm of the lines. Keep repeating the text until the whole circuit has been completed by everyone.
Slowly, slowly, 1, 2, 3,
Says the tortoise, “Walk with me!
Slowly, slowly, in the rain,
Come and walk with me again!”

Now invite everyone to be a little frog.
Stand well‑spaced out. Say Frogs jump fast. Jump with me! All jump in small, fast jumps on the spot.
Say That’s right! Well done! Now Listen and jump!
Say the Jumping frogs rhyme:
Fast frog jumps in,
Fast frog jumps out,
Fast frog jumps fast,
All about! (Jump!)

Extend the activity if you have time. Create two groups: the tortoises who walk slowly and the frogs who can only jump fast. Help the tortoises to make a circle and the frogs to stand inside it, as if in a pond.
Let one group move and the other group wait for their turn.
Say the Walking rhyme and invite the tortoises to walk slowly round in a circle. Then let the tortoises rest. Say the Jumping frogs rhyme and let the frogs jump fast on the spot or around the centre of the circle.
Ask everyone to rest like tortoises. Ask them to kneel down and tuck their heads in – like sleeping tortoises!

Praise everyone.

Flashcard game Tom and the tortoise

10‑15 mins

Build on the last activity with an elimination game that is an extension from the standard lesson cards.
Invite the class to stand in a circle.
Show three flashcards alternately and ask the class to change their pace of walking on the spot to match the image: Tom = walk fast; tortoise = walk slowly; frog = jump. Have a few trial runs, then show the cards and ask everyone to react and change their pace as fast as they can. Say Tom, tortoise or frog as you show each card.
Make this an elimination game if you wish – the pupils that react to the cards slowest are out and should crouch down like sitting frogs to watch the rest of the class.
Extend the activity once they have mastered these three cards and actions. Add in the cat, that stops and sits down on the spot!
Praise everyone.

Mini‑drama mime What’s that?

15‑20 mins

Stand or sit in a circle. Hold the Cat puppet and ask a volunteer to come to Cat. Offer the child a selection of cards face down. Invite the child to take one and to show Cat, look at it him or herself, but to show no one else.
Encourage the child to mime the creature on the card and invite the class to guess what it is in English. Say What is it?
Use the cards for: duck, frog, cat, dog, tortoise, squirrel, fly.
Repeat with new volunteers to revisit words met so far.
Note: Even if the pupils guess using just one word of English, repeat their answers back using the whole phrase It’s a… Encourage them to repeat with you It’s a…frog!
Praise everyone.

Extra Activities

Craft Online resource sheet

20‑30 mins

Invite the pupils to sit at the tables, using a transition action or song. Perhaps ask the pupils to walk to the tables like a duck!
Hand out colouring pencils and the online resource sheet.
First, point to the dotted number shapes and repeat the words. Then invite the class to trace over the number shapes to prepare them for trying to write them in the revision lesson.
Elicit the numbers by saying Point and say! Repeat together 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Check that they are managing to complete the sheet successfully.
Let them colour the images and numbers at the end.
Praise everyone.

Extra Time

Classroom Poster time

5 mins

Invite everyone to stand where they can see the Classroom Poster clearly.
Let Cat help you. Point to the sun and say What’s that? Elicit the sun. Say Cat likes the sun. The sun is hot! Now point to the rainbow and ask What’s that? Elicit rainbow and say That’s right, well done! Now point to the raindrops and ask What’s that? Elicit rain. If you wish, make Cat turn away from the rain and sayLook! Cat doesn’t like the rain! This is a new phrase, but can be introduced here and developed in later units.
All say, Goodbye Cat! and put the Cat puppet away.
Praise everyone.

Picture time

If you have time, build on the weather revision session above and invite the class to sit at the tables to prepare a drawing. Hand out pencils and a sheet of plain paper to each child.
Pin the sun, rain and rainbow flashcards on the board.
Invite the class to draw a picture of the weather they like best – or to draw a weather chart with all three pictures on it.
Keep the pictures and make a wall collage for the classroom. Label the images with the pupils’ names and the weather terms to show parents how well the children are progressing.
Praise everyone.