• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Tracks

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, colouring pencils

  • Character Puppets

New: duck, rain, fast, slowly, walk, tortoise, it is raining,
what can we do?
Main recycled; jump, hat, frog
New classroom language: That's right!, Trace
Extension: Doesn't, Don't like, Do you like?

Hello with the Cat puppet

3‑5 mins

Bring the Cat puppet to the class in the puppet bag or pillowcase. Bring the cat out and say together - Hello, Cat!
Let Cat whisper to you. Say - That's right! Cat says, Come with me to the Classroom Poster!
Let Cat point at the rain. Ask the class and say - What is it? Elicit rain. Let Cat say Miaow! and try to get back into the bag. Re‑introduce the phrase used in the extra activities of the previous week. Say Cat doesn’t like rain! Oh dear, Cat. Let’s sit, watch and listen.
Proceed to the film clip.


5‑10 mins

Point to the film icon on the Classroom poster and watch the vocabulary presentation.
Say Watch, listen and say!
Encourage the pupils to repeat the words for rain, duck, frog, fast, slowly and tortoise plus the phrase it is raining.
Show the clip again and invite the children to mime sheltering under their two hands, held over their heads like a pitched roof, as they repeat the phrase.
Wave goodbye to the presenter and say Goodbye! See you soon!

Pupil’s Book

15‑20 mins

Invite the class to walk slowly like a tortoise and to repeat Slowly, slowly! as they walk to the tables.
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.
Hold up a page and show the class how to match and link one set of footprints to the right creature with a line. Say Match and link.
Check that everyone has completed the sheet correctly.
Hold up a sheet, point and elicit the words duck, Tom and tortoise.
Ask in the home language if anyone can remember whose footprints the characters in the story find outside the playhouse. They are Tom’s wet boot prints after he jumps in the rain!
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Song I like apples

10 mins

Sing the song using the actions from Unit 6.
Move to the Classroom Poster with the flashcards for apples and eggs.
Point at the plural groups of items and revise I like… with the plural collectives.
Start with the apples flashcard and say I like apples, do you like apples? Elicit I like apples.
Use the eggs flashcard, then point to the other items on the poster and repeat the pattern with: I like…balloons, hats, coins, cakes, balls, presents.
Extend the session by introducing Doesn’t like and Don’t like. Point to the rain and say Cat doesn’t like the rain. Point to the sun and say Tom doesn’t like the sun.
Show the fly flashcard. Set an example by saying I don’t like flies! Ask Do you like flies? Elicit I don’t like flies!
Praise everyone.

I like apples!

Flashcard game What’s that? Slowly and fast

10‑15 mins

Use the phrase What‘s that? Reveal the flashcard picture slowly.
Hold up the animal cards covered from view by another flashcard.
Ask What’s that? and lower the covering card slowly. See who can call out the animal name first.
Use the set of cards for the animals learnt so far: dog, frog, duck, tortoise, cat, squirrel, fly.
Change the set of animal cards for a set of different items. Explain the new rules.
Say Say the name fast! Reveal the whole flashcard quickly and elicit the answer as fast as possible! Use cards such as: red, yellow, blue, sun, ball, coin, balloon, train.
Praise everyone.


15‑20 mins

Re‑enact the story with a short script. Hold the Tom or Keri puppet as the narrator or keep your hands free to help demonstrate the actions to the class.
Ask everyone to join in with the actions to match the script – like an acting chorus!

Script for the teacher

Actions for the pupils

Good morning! Oh look! It is raining.

Arch hands over head

I can see a duck. The duck is walking!

Waddle around in a circle on the spot like a duck

What’s that? It’s a tortoise! The tortoise walks slowly.

Crouch on the floor with head and hands tucked in, walk slowly on all fours like a tortoise

I walk fast!

Stand up tall and march fast on the spot

Now it is raining again. What can we do?

Hold your hands out to the sides as if feeling for drops of falling rain

We can jump in the rain. Ha! Ha!

Jump on the spot

Oh dear! Look at Tom and Dog.

Mime sitting down in a puddle

Come with me, back to the yellow playhouse.

Walk slowly on the spot, arms out as if you are dripping wet.


Wave goodbye, smiling.

Praise everyone.

Extra Activities

Mime What’s that?

15‑20 mins

Stand in a circle. Hold the Cat puppet and ask a volunteer to come to Cat.
Offer the child a selection of cards face down. Invite the child to take one and to show Cat, look at it him or herself, but to show no one else.
Encouragethe child to stand in the middle of the circle, so that everyone can see clearly and to mime the creature on the card.
Ask the class to guess what it is in English. Use the cards for: duck, frog, cat, dog, tortoise, squirrel, fly.
Repeat with new volunteers to revisit words met so far.
Note: Even if the pupils guess using just one word of English, such as frog, repeat their answers back using the phrase It’s a… Encourage them to repeat with you, for example, It’s a…frog!
Praise everyone.

Extra Time

Good dog!

5 mins

Invite everyone to stand where they can see you easily.
Hold the Dog puppet and ask everyone to be like Dog. Say Follow Dog. You are a good dog!
Say the following instructions and check who is a ‘good dog’ that responds fast. This is actually about memory and comprehension, but allows the pupils to role‑play too.
Sit! Good dog.
Stand! Good dog.
Jump! That’s right!
Nod! Good.
Walk! (on the spot) Yes.
Listen! (cup your ear) Very good.
Repeat the instructions in different orders. Praise everyone. Say Well done! Very good dog! Perhaps close the lesson with a Hi‑5 with everyone – dogs can learn to hold up a paw like that too!