• Teacher’s Lesson Plan

  • Language Presenter Film Track

  • Flashcards

  • Song/rhyme Tracks

  • Reward Stickers

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil’s Books, pencils

Extras: Empty box and coloured balls or coloured paper. Online Resource sheet


Words: blue, red, yellow, rainbow, ball

Lesson 1 | 30 mins


Invite a volunteer to find and point to the colour yellow on the Classroom Poster. Give the successful pupil a reward sticker.

Language presenter film track

Invite a new volunteer to point to the film icon on the Classroom poster and watch the vocabulary presentation. Encourage the pupils to repeat the words with the presenter.
Show the clip again and invite the children to point at the image of the item or action on the screen next to the presenter while they repeat the words – especially the harder word, rainbow.
Wave goodbye to the presenter and encourage the class to repeat back: Goodbye, see you soon!

Tom’s red ball

Revisit the story sequence and the colours with the following activity:
Sit in a circle. Place three coloured balls on the floor: red, yellow, blue.
Add the flashcards for Tom, Keri, Dog and Cat.
Invite volunteers to match together the cards and balls to show who finds what in the film (Cat finds the blue ball, Keri finds the yellow ball. The red ball finds Tom!)
Praise everyone and move on to the ball game.

Ball game

Prepare the box and balls (in three colours if possible).
Sit in a circle with the box in the centre. Play the Hello yellow song and take it in turns to throw the coloured balls into the box.
Encourage the pupils to call out the colour and the word ball if they can: red ball, yellow ball, blue ball.
Clap each time a ball stays in the box successfully. The child with the most successful throws is the winner!

Note: If you do not have coloured balls, screw up sheets of coloured paper to throw.

Hello yellow

Lesson 2 | 15 mins


Show the unit word flashcards and invite the class to greet them. Say together: Hello, yellow! Hello, red! Hello, blue! Hello, ball! Hello, rainbow!

Song Hello yellow

Song text

Hello yellow, hello yellow,
Hello red, hello red,
Hello yellow, hello yellow,
Hello blue, hello blue,
Hello yellow, hello yellow
Hello red, hello red,
Hello yellow, hello yellow,
Hello blue to you!

Stick the three colour word flashcards up on the board or wall.
Invite the class to stand up and ask them to point to each colour card as they hear it in the song.
Play the song, Hello yellow and all point to the cards.
Invite volunteers to go and point to other items around the room and to say the colour in English. Praise them all.
Move the colour cards around and play the song again to check that they understand how to match the words to the right colour in English.
Encourage the class to start singing along.

Hello yellow

Lesson 3 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book + Hello yellow song

Invite a volunteer to point to the craft icon on the Classroom poster and ask the pupils to sit at the tables.
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and colouring pencils.
Ask them to colour the balls to match the steps in the story.
Check that they have all completed the sheet correctly.
Link it to the story. Ask which colour balls they find. Can they tell you the words in English? (Red, yellow, blue.)
Play the song again and ask the children to point to the matching colour ball as they sing hello to the colour.

Hello yellow

Pupil's book page

Lesson 4 | 15 mins


Place the flashcards for red, yellow, blue, ball and rainbow up on the board.
Point to them each in turn and repeat the words with the class. Take the cards down, stick four of them up in a different order and ask what is missing. Can they name it in English?
Repeat removing one extra card until none are left. Can they still remember all the card names? Praise everyone.
Repeat if you have time using the balloon and present cards too. Goodbye
Hold out the flashcards in a fan. Invite a volunteer to place each card in the box or storage bag.
Encourage the class to wave and say Goodbye! to each card.


Hold out the flashcards in a fan.
Invite a volunteer to place each card in the box or storage bag.
Encourage the class to wave and say Goodbye! to each card.
Praise everyone.

Lesson 5 | 15+ mins

On day five, please make the colour mini‑flashcards.

Note: These cards are very useful for later lessons. If you cannot download and print, please give each child three small pieces of plain paper and show them how to colour one each in red, yellow and blue. Write the child’s name on the back of each so that they use their own cards for future games if possible.

Craft – Online Resource sheet + Hello yellow song

Invite the class to go to the tables with a transition movement such as bouncing like a ball.
Give each child the colour flashcards sheet to colour, showing a completed example to make sure they match the colours correctly.
Write their names on the cards and help them to cut and stick the cards.
Play the song Hello yellow and invite them to hold up each card to match the words as they hear them in the song.
Praise them all.

Hello yellow