Teacher’s Lesson Plan
Language Presenter Film Clip
Song/rhyme Tracks
Classroom Poster
Reward Stickers
Pupil’s Book, colouring pencils

Extras: Plain sheet of paper for each child


Words: aeroplane, wing, cloud, pilot

Lesson 1 | 20‑30 minutes

Language presenter film track

Ask the class to sit where they can see the screen easily.
Encourage them all to join in and repeat the new words and phrases.
Present actions for aeroplane (arms out as stiff wings), wing (move on of the arms stiffly up and down and then the other), tail (move one hand behind you from side to side like an aeroplane tail or rudder), pilot (mime putting on a flying cap and sunglasses). Ask the pupils to stand to watch again and encourage the pupils to do the actions as they repeat the words.
Praise everyone.

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If I could sit in a cloud

Song text
If I could sit in a cloud and watch the world go by,
What would I see, What would I see
From up in the sky?

I would see the houses, I would see the trees,
I would see birds, I would see bees,
From up in the sky!

I would see the children playing in the sun,
See them all run, watch them have fun,
From up in the sky!

Pin up the key word cards on the board to support the pupils in this song.
Point to the cards and elicit their names to revise these words: cloud, sky, houses, trees, sun. If you do know some English, add children.
Play the song and encourage the pupils to listen out for each word and point to the matching card when they hear the name in the song.
Extend the activity with some interaction. Invite the class to sit in a tight circle facing out. Ask a few volunteers to hold the flashcards and to walk around the circle with them while you play the song. Invite the seated pupils to imagine that they are in a cloud, watching the items go by below on the ground.
Ask them to point to each card while the song plays.
Repeat, so that the action becomes familiar.
Praise everyone.


Using the Classroom Poster

Invite the class to stand where they can all see the Classroom Poster clearly.
Invite volunteers to point to one item on the poster and name it.
The class should now be able to name every item on the poster!
If not, make a note of the items they cannot remember and watch the matching Language Presenter clip in the extension lessons.
Praise everyone.

Lesson 2 | 15 mins

Jump, Clap

Highlight in the home language for the pupils that the aeroplanes also fly up and down.
Revise up and down by singing the song from Unit 18 called Jump! Clap!
Encourage the pupils to jump, clap put their arms up and then down in time with the words in the song.
Ask if the class can think of something else that goes up and down in another story. It is the kite in the episode Tom’s Kite!
Praise everyone.

Jump! Clap!

Lesson 3 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book

Use a transition action to move to the tables. Perhaps suggest that they move smoothly like a glider plane in the sky!
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and colouring pencils.
Encourage the class to look carefully at the images. Ask the class to think about which items are usually in the sky and which items do not belong there.
Ask them to circle and count only the items that belong in the sky.
Hold up a completed sheet. Point and revise the words cloud, star, moon and sun as items that should be in the sky and train, apple, car and drum that should not!
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Lesson 4 | 15 mins

Transport mine

Invite the class to stand in a circle.
Hold the flashcards for all the transport items shown on the Classroom Poster in a fan, face down.
Invite a volunteer to choose a card, but not to tell or show the class what it is. Invite the pupil to mime the item and let the class guess its name in English.
Praise the actor and invite a new volunteer to pick a card.
Repeat, even if this means that some items are repeated too. Use: car, bus, plane, train, boat, ship. Note: If you have a large class and need more items to mime, add a group of animal cards and continue playing!
Praise everyone.

Lesson 5 | 15+ mins

Plain sheet of paper

Choose to repeat an activity from the first four lessons or complete this activity. This sheet will be useful for the extension lessons.
Invite the pupils to move to the tables, using a transition action or song.
Hand out colouring pencils and a plain sheet of paper to each child.
Ask the pupils to draw the view they would like to see from up in the clouds.
Go around the class and ask for the English names of the items that the pupils are drawing if they are items from the series.
Keep the items for use in Lesson 6.
Praise everyone.