Teacher’s Lesson Plan
Language Presenter Film Clip
Song/rhyme Tracks
Classroom Poster
Reward Stickers
Pupil’s Book, colouring pencils

Extras: Pictures from lesson 5


Words: pilot, aeroplane/plane, wing, cloud

Lesson 6 | 20‑30 minutes

Language presenter film track

Ask the class to stand up straight like pilots in a place where they can see the screen easily.
Encourage them all to join in and repeat the unit words and phrases.
Remind the class of the actions for aeroplane (arms out as stiff wings), wing (move on of the arms stiffly up and down and then the other), tail (move one hand behind you from side to side like an aeroplane tail or rudder), pilot (mime putting on a flying cap and sunglasses).
Ask the pupils to stand to watch again and encourage the pupils to do the actions as they repeat the words.
Praise everyone.

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If I could sit in a cloud

Invite the class to sit in a circle facing inwards.
Hand back the pictures, which they drew in Lesson 5 or pin up flashcards for house, tree, bird, bee on the board.
Invite the class to hold up their own pictures as they listen to the song or to point and sing about what Keri can see!
Repeat the song, then invite volunteers to share come and point to the items in their pictures or the flashcards and all name them for Keri (in English)!
Praise everyone.


Language Presenter clips

Watch the Language Presenter film clips that you identified in Lesson 1 as useful for revision.
After each clip, hold up the matching flashcards and check that the class can name them quickly.
Praise everyone.

Lesson 7 | 15 mins

Using the Classroom Poster

Invite the class to stand where they can all see the Classroom Poster clearly.
Invite volunteers to point to one item on the poster and name it.
The class should now be able to name every item on the poster!
Extend the activity. Look at the top line and ask if anyone can link items from the top line to either of the next lines.
Elicit such links as plane and cloud, train, bus or car and red, boat and blue, rainbow and all the colours!
Praise everyone.

Lesson 8 | 15 mins

Pupil’s Book

Use a transition action to move to the tables. Perhaps suggest that they move up and down like Tom flying his plane - badly!
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and colouring pencils.
Encourage the class to look carefully at the images. Complete the wings and tails on the planes and bird by tracing. If you have time, they can colour these items too. If not, then proceed to counting each set of items. Ask the class to draw the matching item next to each number.
Hold up a completed sheet. Point and revise the words cloud, plane and bird.
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Lesson 9 | 15 mins

There is a bird

Hold up the tail flashcard. Elicit what it is called. Hold up the plane flashcard and invite a pupil to point to the tail.
Show the Dog, bus, car and bird flashcards and ask which of these have tails. Elicit Dog and bird. Praise them and ask them to mime being a bird to the song by flapping their wings and by waggling their imaginary tails. Explain in the home language that ducks are birds too, so they can walk like ducks if they wish!
Play the song a few times and invite them to be different types of birds each time – small song birds, ducks or large peacocks, as in the film!
This is a multi‑level activity sheet, so praise everyone for their efforts!

There is a bird

Lesson 10 | 15+ mins

Behind the cloud

Choose to repeat an activity from the first four lessons or complete this activity.
Invite the pupils to sit where they can see you.
Prepare the cloud flashcard and hold it facing the class. Hide a few cards behind it. Gradually show a card, one part at a time, and see who can guess it and name it in English first.
Use the other unit cards such as pilot, wing, plane, tail and then add other weather cards such as sun, rain, rainbow and snow.
Extend the game by dividing the class into two teams and seeing which team can guess faster!
Praise everyone.