• Teacher's Lesson Plan
  • Classroom Poster
  • Character Puppets in a Bag
  • Flashcards from Levels A and B 
  • Song Tracks for Levels A and B 
  • Language Presenter Film Track
  • Reward Stickers
  • Pupil's Book, pencils

Extras: A plain sheet of paper for each pupil

New: plane, aeroplane, wing, pilot, cloud
Main recycled: Tail, sky, up, down
New classroom language: Let’s sing, children!, Turn to face me!
Extension: children

Hello with the Tom puppet

3‑5 mins
Bring the Tom puppet to the lesson. Say hello to the puppet and then let Tom whisper to you. Explain for him that he would like to show you his aeroplane. Let Tom pin up the plane flashcard and then add the wing and tail. Perhaps use the phrases Tom is the pilot of an aeroplane. The plane has two wings and a tail. Tom can fly high up in the sky. He can fly up and down. Well done, Tom! Now let’s watch the film about the plane.
Praise everyone.

Invite the class to sit down, ready to watch the Language Presenter film.


5‑10 mins
Encourage them all to join in and repeat the new phrases.
Ask the pupils to stand to watch again and encourage the pupils to do the actions as they repeat the words.
Praise everyone.

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Pupil’s Book

20‑30 mins
Use a transition action to move to the tables. Invite the pupils to fly silently to the tables like Keri in her glider!
Give each child the Pupil’s Book page and pencils.
Pin up the number flashcards for numbers 1‑5. Point to each number and revise them together.
Hold up a page and show it to the class. Point to the pictures and elicit the words for bird, plane and cloud. Say Colour the picture. Count the clouds, count the birds and count the planes. Draw the matching picture in the boxes next to the number.
Check that they are completing the sheet correctly.
Hold up a completed sheet. Count and match the items and number together correctly.
Praise everyone.

Pupil's book page

Blow, wind, blow!

10‑15 mins
Ask the class to stand up.
Hand out the PLUS online resource weather mobiles completed earlier.
Ask the class to listen to the song and to blow the raincloud tab so that the wind is blowing the weather along. Say Listen and blow the raincloud.
Sing the song again and, this time, ask the pupils to join in singing and to wave the mobile gently so that the tabs move back and forth. Say Sing and wave the sheet in the wind!
Praise everyone.

Blow wind, blow

Language Presenter clip revision

15‑20 mins
Watch the Language Presenter film clips that you have identified as useful for revision.
After each clip, hold up the matching flashcards and check that the class can name them quickly.
Praise everyone.

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    Mini‑drama. Pilot Keri

    Ask the class to stand in a space facing you.
    Invite two pupils to come to the front and hold the Keri and Cat puppets to act out their roles.
    Hand out flashcards for the pupils to hold up when they hear that word in the text of the story pilot, Keri, aeroplane, up, down, cat, house, tree, bird, kite, butterfly,bee, flower, car, train, farmyard, ducks, pig, cow, frog, cloud, rain, sun.
    Explain that whenever you say a flashcard word, everyone should repeat it after you. If you have a large class, the pupils without a card to hold can pair up with a pupil holding a card and mime a gesture to match the picture on the card. If you have a small class, some pupils can hold two cards!
    Say Listen and hold up your card. Say the card word after me.
    The pilot says, “Keri, you are the pilot of the aeroplane!”
    “Oh, thank you!” says Keri. Keri and Cat get into the plane.
    They fly up and up. Keri says, “Look, Cat! I can see houses….I can see trees!” “Miaow!” goes Cat. Cat can see birds. Cat wants to chase the birds! “No, Cat. No!” says Keri. We are flying up high, like a kite!”
    “Look!” says Keri, “I can see butterflies …. and bees, …I can see flowers too. There are some cars… and a train! I can see a farmyard. There are ducks…and pigs…and cows. I think there is a green frog jumping too!”
    Cat looks at the clouds.
    “What is it like in a cloud?” asks Keri. She flies the plane into the cloud!
    The plane flies in and it flies out. The cloud is like rain.
    Cat does not like rain! “Miaow!” she goes.
    “Alright,” says Keri and she flies down, down, down, back to Tom, Dog and the pilot.
    “Well done!” says the pilot.
    “Thank you!” says Keri. “I like flying!”
    Cat goes “Miaow!” and goes to sleep in the sun.
    The end.

    Sing the Cloud song, at the end if you have time.
    Praise everyone.


    Zigzag kite

    5‑10 mins
    Invite the class to stand in a space. Say Your hand is a kite. It can fly in zigzags!
    Show them how to make zigzag movements up and down with one arm as they sing the song.
    Praise everyone.

    Zigzag kite

    Extra Activities


    20‑30 mins
    Invite the pupils to move to the tables, using a transition action or song. Perhaps suggest that they mime moving like a cloud. Say Be a cloud, go to the tables, please!
    Hand out colouring pencils and a plain sheet of paper to each child.
    Ask the pupils to draw something that is in the sky. You can pin up flashcards on the board to prompt them. Revise the words together: plane, cloud, kite, bird, bee,fly, rainbow, rain cloud, butterfly.
    Collect the pictures at the end and write each pupil’s name on it. Cut out the shapes drawn and stick them onto a plain sheet of blue paper on the wall to make a sky frieze of your class’s work. Label the items so that parents can see how the images are linked to the coursework.
    Praise everyone.

    Extra Activities


    5‑10 mins
    Invite the class to sit cross‑legged in a circle facing clockwise around the circle.
    Explain that they are all pilots and ask them to hold out their arms like wings.
    Play the song and ask them to join in with all the words of the things they can see.
    Say Listen and sing the words for the things you can see!
    Ask everyone to turn to face the other way, anticlockwise. Play the song again and fly home! Say Turn around and fly again!
    Ask the class to turn to face into the circle, to face you. Say Turn to face me!
    Hold up a selection of flashcards and invite the class to say I can see… and name the item.
    Note: They can now name almost everything in the series!
    Praise everyone.