Tom and Keri B Plus – Teachers lesson plans (demo)

Tom and Keri Level B PLUS follows the Starter Level PLUS and Level A PLUS of the Yellow House English Universal Preschool Course. Pupils should complete Level A PLUS before they start Level B PLUS. The Starter Level PLUS is advisory but not obligatory.

The Level B PLUS course can be used independently by expert English teachers or in conjunction with the preschool class teacher, as in Level A PLUS. Please see the table in the Level A PLUS introduction notes for the recommended allocation of materials and activities between the expert English teacher and the class teacher. Naturally, the class teacher will only use the Standard version of the activities on the Standard Teacher’s Lesson Cards and not the PLUS version. The PLUS lessons continue to demand interactive use of English with the pupils. In fact, Level B PLUS extends the pro-active use of English in the lessons significantly.

Level B PLUS begins with a Hello again unit to re-focus the pupils, after the school holidays, on the characters and the lesson formats which were familiar in Level A PLUS. Pupils should continue to watch the films and use the home pack during the holidays, but it is useful to remind pupils at the start of the new school year how much they already know. This is a good moment to remind parents to re-start the routine of completing the Parent’s Record Card at home during the new school year.