Zoom: My car


  • Zoom film track 2

  • Zoom song track 2

  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil's Book: page 2

  • Baby Beetles Flashcards

Extras: Online Resources sheet and paper or ribbon for the extra activity option

Words and phrases My car goes fast!

Day 1 Lesson 1: Film

Point to the characters on the Classroom Poster. Ask the pupils to tell you the characters’ names. Praise everyone. Then follow the suggestion in the film section.

Ask the pupils to watch carefully and see who drives the car is in the film and what colour it is.
Watch the film together.
After viewing the film, ask for the answers to the above questions. Check understanding by asking the children in their home language who Zoom picks up first. Ask if Zoom’s car goes faster than the birds or not.
Invite them to watch again and ask them to check the answers.
Encourage the group to join in with a word or phrase of the song if they can.
Praise them all.

Training example

Day 2 Lesson 2: Song

Song text My car goes fast!

Invite the children to mime holding a steering wheel to drive a car.
Hold up the car flashcard and lead the group ‘driving’ anticlockwise around the room. Play the song.
Turn around to face the other way and explain that you know have to drive home! Play the track again and ‘drive’ the group clockwise.
Praise them all.

Day 3 Lesson 3: Craft (with the song)

Ask the children to sit at the tables.
Play the song in the background.
Hand out colouring pencils or paints and give the children their car Pupil's Book sheet.
Invite them all to draw a line along the road to show how Zoom collects his friends in the car. Play the song in the background.
Praise them all.

Pupil's book page

Day 4 Lesson 4: Game

Stand in a circle, facing outwards. Invite one volunteer to be Zoom and to mime driving around the outside of the circle holding the car flashcard. Play the song. Repeat using the following actions for the class:
Action 1. Invite the rest of the class to be the worms in the film. Ask them to crouch down just before Zoom drives past and to bob up when the ‘car’ has gone by.
Action 2. Invite the class to fly like the bird. They flap their arms like wings as Zoom drives past.
Invite a new volunteer to be Zoom for each repeat.
Praise them all.

Day 5 Lesson 5: Review or new

Choose to repeat an activity or choose to revise the topic using the extra activity suggested below.

Pupil’s choice

Use the activity circle on the classroom poster. Invite a pupil to point to film, song, game or craft to choose which activity you will do today to play with the Baby Beetles. Repeat the activity using the instructions above.

Your choice

If you prefer, you can choose which activity you would like to lead on day 5. Invite a pupil to point to that activity on the poster (using the home language). Ask the class if they remember how that activity worked and see if a pupil can remind everyone. Play the activity and praise everyone!

Extra activity

Baby Beetles take to the road with the Online Resources sheet

Ask the children to sit at the tables.
Play the song in the background.
Hand out colouring pencils or paints and give each pupil the a steering wheel template from the Online resources.
Invite them all to colour their ‘steering wheel’.
Praise them all.

Then set up this game:
Prepare the following in advance:

  • Strips of white/yellow paper or ribbon to mark out a winding road around the classroom or play space.

Invite the pupils to hold their steering wheel like Zoom and to ‘drive’ along the road.
Play the song track again and encourage the children to sing as they drive along the marked road!
Alternative: Ask the pupils to stand in two lines like a road. Invite four pupils to act out being the Baby Beetles in the car, two in front, two behind. Play the song and invite the ‘car’ to drive up the road, around the outside and back to the start. Repeat with new groups until everyone has had a turn.
Allow the pupils to take the steering wheel home. They can play with it while they listen, watch and sing at home!