Tom and Keri Expert Teacher's Lesson Notes

Book 8 It is raining


Items to prepare

  • Teacher’s Lesson Notes

  • It is raining storybook

  • Word and phrase picture cards - PLUS and Expert supplement

  • Expert Pupil's Pages

  • Tom and Keri, Cat and Dog puppets or toys

  • Reward stickers

  • Coloured pencils

Extras: Prepare a list for the belonging game

Key vocabulary

Phrases: It’s raining. What is it? I don’t mind! It belongs to me
Nouns: rain, duck, tortoise, boots, stone, rainhat, footprints, park, pond
Verbs: push, laugh

Set the context, revise the key words, revise the film

Invite the pupils to sit where they can see the screen easily.
Pin up the rain, duck and tortoise flashcards and let the Tom puppet point to them. Repeat the words together.
Show the vocabulary film and repeat the key words and phrases together.
Check that the pupils still seem familiar with the story. If they do not remember it well, then play the film of the episode to set the scene fully.
Praise everyone

Present new words

Pin up the flashcards for boots and footprints.
Remind the class how important these are in the film of the story. Perhaps say, Tom has boots and Keri has boots. Tom has a rainhat and Keri has a rainhat.
Point out to the class that Tom is happy in the rain because he has a rainhat. Tom says, “It’s raining, but I don’t mind. I’ve got a rainhat!” Repeat the phrase I don’t mind! with the class.
Perhaps point to the footprints, say the word and add, We see lots of footprints in the story. Listen, watch and say what you see
Praise everyone

Story time

Create an atmosphere of excitement and focus around the story with a chant that establishes a routine.

Tom and Keri storybook.
Come and listen, take a look!

Start by showing the first image and allow the pupils a couple of seconds to scan the image and understand the scene from the picture before you start to read.

Notes and Tips

Refer to the notes and tips in unit 1 for full details. Here, the key points are applied to this unit’s story.

Prepare the monitor screen for showing the story pages. If you have a white board, you can also display the noun flashcards from the PLUS and Expert packs for this story: boots and footprints.
Invite the class to sit where they can see you and the screen easily.

First reading – understanding to engage (key words and story steps)

Highlight the key steps or the ‘problem and solution’ structure in the story by pointing to the page illustrations where the problem and solution occur or doing a gesture to represent those steps.

This story
• Tom and Keri see footprints.
• They all go into the playhouse and see that the footprints belong to a duck.
• Then they see footprints that belong to a frog.
• They see more footprints that belong to a tortoise!
• It starts raining again, so they copy the frogs and jump in the rain.
• Tom falls over and gets very wet, so they run back to the playhouse.
• They see big footprints. who do they belong to? They belong to Tom!

Point to the images of the key words they know and to the images to match key new words, such as boots, footprints, tortoise, duck, frog, pond.

Second reading – focus to engage
Invite the class to join in with: What is it? What’s that?
Read the whole story again, this time reading the text on each page only once, so that the progress of the action is clear.

Third reading – action to engage
Invite the class to stand up and do actions to match the new verbs. Let them walk slowly on the spot like the tortoise, then fast like Tom and finally jump in the rain!
Praise everyone

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Song time

You can choose to use a song activity from the PLUS version for this song or use the suggestion below.
Divide the class into two thirds tortoises and one third Toms. The tortoises walk slowly and the Toms walk fast. Line the tortoises into a small circle and line the Toms up in a second, larger circle outside the tortoises.
Play the song and invite the tortoises to walk slowly round, while the Toms wait for their line in the song and walk fast when they hear “and I walk fast!”
Swap over the two groups so that each group can go slowly and fast, but let the children who can only go slowly stay as tortoises.
Play the song again and all sing along.
Praise everyone

Expert Pupil's Pages

Item: Rain and sun
Instructions: Match and link the items to the rain and sun weather stories

Invite the pupils to walk to the tables like a tortoise.
Hand out the pupil's page for the unit.
Point to the rain cloud and the sun.
Point to the items below them and invite the class to Match and link the pictures to the rain and the sun.
Praise everyone

Using the page with the story

Each story page is a prop to be used in the classroom to support more play with English. Use the pupil’s page for a response activity.

Re‑read the story and invite the pupils to point to the rain and the boots when they hear the words in the text.
Praise everyone.

Game with actions – That belongs to me! – Prepare in advance

Prepare this game before the lesson.

Invite the class to sit in a circle.
Remind them of the phrase The footprints belong to a duck.
Hold a batch of flashcards and a list that you have prepared in advance of the lesson.
Whisper a word to each pupil which is the name of an item on a card, and ask them to remember the item.
Show each card and ask who does this belong to? Prompt the pupil on your list to say It belongs to me! then hand the card to the pupil.
Hand out all the cards and elicit the phrase in response.
Praise everyone, then ask for the cards back. Use the phrase Whose got the…?
Ask the class to reply I have! and to come and hand it back. Alternatively, set up the toys for Tom and Keri on two chairs and ask the pupil to give the card either to Tom or to Keri.
Note: This activity checks memory, verbal response, listening, physical response to instructions and comprehension.
Praise all the class.


Invite the class to join in with some story catch‑phrases.
Ask the class to stand in a circle.
Prepare the frog flashcard.
Pass the card round the circle.
Hand the first pupil the card and say 1, 2, 3, jump!
Prompt him or her to jump and then pass on the frog card and say 1, 2, 3, jump! to the next pupil and so on.
Praise everyone.

Game activity

Place four chairs to mark the start and finish of two paths.
Divide the class into the Frog team and the Dog team.
Put a flashcard for each member of the frog team on the far chair for the first team and a flashcard for each member of the Dog team on the far chair for the second team.
Explain to the class that each team member has to jump to the chair, collect a card and jump back. Then the next team member can start jumping. The first team to bring all the cards back successfully wins. Say Jump to the chair. Pick up a card. Jump back.
Praise everyone.

Re‑telling the story with key‑word focus

Re‑tell the story with actions.
Invite the class to stand for this telling of the story so that they can join in with the mimes to the phrases:

  • What’s that? What is it? (Open arms, to the sides, palms facing up)

  • It’s raining again! (Mime rain falling, wiggle your fingers)

  • We can jump in the rain! (All jump)

  • It’s Tom – Ha! Ha! (Point to the Tom puppet and mime laughing)

Read the story even slower than before, allowing enough time for each pupil to react.
Praise everyone.

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Rhyme time

Present the rhyme with actions. Ask questions to make sure the class understands the rhyme, for example:

  • Do dogs like the rain? Yes!

  • Do dogs like to jump in the rain? Yes!

  • Do dogs like to get wet? Yes?

  • Do cats like the rain? No!

  • Do cats like to jump in the rain? No!

  • Do cats like to get wet? No?

Jump in the rain,
Jump like a frog
Jump in the rain,
Jump, jump like Dog!

Splash on your boots
Splash on your hat
Splash on Dog, but -
Don’t splash Cat!


Repeat the rhyme together.
Praise everyone.