Why English?

A world of global hellos

It has been clear for some years that there is now a great opportunity for communication to be universal in a way that has never existed before. It is the opportunity for everyone to be able to communicate using one common language, English. We live in a world of global hellos!

The benefits to everyone of having this common language can already be seen, which is why English has become an educational priority in almost every country.

The world has never had this chance before. Even in the heyday of the Roman Empire, Latin was only common in and around the Mediterranean and no other attempt to set up a lingua franca has really worked. There are other languages that are easier to learn than English, perhaps easier to pronounce and certainly easier to spell, but for various trading, technological and historical reasons English is now the global language of choice.
To be able to join in with the ‘global hello’, English has become more and more essential.

Of course young children do not yet know exactly how they will use English in their lives. Your child could learn English for a career as an international art expert, importer of technical machine tools, political leader - or teacher of English! Your child could learn English to take part in international conferences, to research holidays on the internet or as an integral part of their daily lives.

What is clear is that knowing English will help your child whatever he or she does.

The more natural it is for children to speak English and the more comfortable they feel switching from their home language to English and back again, the better this will be for them in their later lives.

So when is the best time to set out on that path and start learning English?