Baby Beetles - Nursery


  • Poster or one copy of the Support Sheet - Zoom 1

  • Support Sheet – Zoom 2 or flashcards

  • Support Sheet – Zoom 3

Day 1: Film

Show pictures of each of the Baby Beetles, either on the poster or using the Support Sheet from Zoom 1.
Name them all and encourage children who can speak to say the names too.
Show the Support Sheet picture of the car.
Name it as a car and make a car engine sound, Brrrm! Encourage the children to make the sound too. (Electric cars are quiet, so you can if you prefer say Shshshwoosh!)
Move the car picture along the ground in front or the children. If possible, say the word car for them and with them.
Play the film for them to watch.
After watching, hold the car picture up in front of the seated children an invite each child to point to the car.
Praise them all.

Day 2: Song

Use the car Support Sheet again.
Play the song and move the car picture along the ground in front or the children. Let the children that can crawl follow you and the car. Let the children who do not yet move look at the car picture as you go past.
Encourage anyone who can to sing along, especially to the two‑word phrase, my car.
Praise them all.

Day 3: Action

Show the film again and point out the little worm.
Show the children how to wiggle a finger (or hand) like a worm.
Little children like little things, such as insects and tiny creatures.
Prepare the wiggly worm Support Sheet – Zoom 3 and demonstrate making a worm come up through the hole.
If possible, say together, worm, wiggly worm!
Invite all who can move to be a wiggly worm and wiggle their whole body. Help the youngest to join in gently.
Praise them all.

Day 4: Journey

Play the song.
Pick up each non‑walking child in turn and carry him or her around the group of watching children, returning the child to its place. Move in the rhythm of the song to match your movement to the music.
If you like, use a copy of the Support Sheet from Zoom 1. Place an image of the three Baby Beetles that Zoom collects around the outside of the group. Carry the Zoom image with the child (or let it carry the picture) and stop at each picture before moving on again, to match the progress in the story of the film.
Note – Toddlers should be able to work with part of a car, like the steering wheel in the Standard Lesson Plans, but very young children need to see the whole item, so an image of the car.

Praise everyone