Zoom: My car


  • Classroom Poster

  • Pupil's Book: Page 2

  • Flashcards

  • Puppets

Extras: Online Resource sheet, plastic bottle puppet stands (every lesson), toy car , strips of white paper

New key words car, fast, slowly
Phrases My car goes fast
Repeated classroom language
Sit down, please!
Let's watch!
Make a circle
Well done!

Hello with the Zoom puppet

3 mins

Invite the class to sit down. Say and gesture Sit down, please!
Put on the Zoom hand puppet and let him say Hello!
Encourage the class to reply and elicit Hello, Zoom!


15 mins

Prepare the class to view the new unit film. Let the Zoom puppet hold up the car flashcard. Say car. Repeat and elicit car. Askthe pupils in the home language to watch carefully and see who drives the car is in the film and what colour it is to check general comprehension.
Watch the film. Say, Let’s watch!
After viewing the film, ask for the answers to the above questions. Check understanding by asking the children in their home language who Zoom picks up first. Holdup the flashcards for the other three Baby Beetles and say together with the Zoom puppet: Hello, Ring Ring! Hello, Splish Splash! Hello, Tick Tock!
Hold up the flashcard of the car and make it move forward quickly. Say fast!
Present the phrase that Zoom is singing about by pointing at the car and then making it move forward fast My car goes fast!
Watch again and encourage the group to join in with the repeated phrase My car if they can.
Praise them all.

Training example


15 mins

Invite the class to sit in a circle. Say ={Make a circle! Sit down, please!
Bring out the four hand puppets and wear the Zoom puppet. Make Zoom wave hello and say Hello! Place the other puppets around the circle on the inside.
Invite the class the say hello to all four Baby Beetles and name them.
Link the puppets with the film. Let Zoom hold up the car flashcard and repeat his phrase My car goes fast!
Invite a volunteer to take the car flashcard with a friend and to walk it around the circle, collecting the other Baby Beetle puppets along the way.
Say hello together to each new character.
Take back the puppets and praise them all. Repeat with new volunteers.
Note: You can use the flashcards of the other characters if the space is too small to use all the puppets.


10‑15 mins

Invite the class to sit in a circle using the instructions from unit 1.
Show the car flashcard and elicit car. Move the car card forward quickly and repeat the phrase My car goes fast with the class. Explain in the home language that Zoom’s car is going to go around the circle fast as each pupil hands the card on to his or her neighbour.
Play the song and invite everyone to pass the car around and join in with the words.
Praise everyone.
Note: you may prefer to use a toy car or the carpet car from the world of the Baby Beetle rug set, or a photocopy of the card so it is not damaged.

Extension: Play the song again but this time stop the track at random and show a character card. Elicit the name and praise everyone. Re‑start the track.
Personalised extension: Pass the car toy or card around the class without the song. As each pupil passes on the car, ask him or her to say some of the lyrics as follows: - First repeat – ask everyone to say car as the pass the card on - Second repeat – ask everyone to say My car as they pass the card on - Third repeat – encourage everyone to try to say My car goes fast, but accept every effort to speak as the whole phrase may be too much for many pupils at this stage.


15‑20 mins

Instruction: Follow the path the collect the Baby Beetles
Ask the children to sit at the tables. If the class needs a transition action, lead small groups with the Zoom puppet to their table, while the others walk on the spot to wait to play.
Hand out colouring pencils or crayons and the Pupil’s Books.
Ask the children to sit at the tables. Playthe song in the background.
Hand out colouring pencils or paints and give the children their car Activity Book sheet.
Invite them all to draw a line along the road to show how Zoom collects his friends in the car.
Review the sheet with the class. Hold up a book and point to each of the characters. Elicit their names. Point to the car and elicit car.
Praise them all.

Pupil's book page


10‑15 mins

Song text My car goes fast!

Invite the pupils to stand in a circle. Put the Zoom puppet on your hand.
Place the hand puppets for Ring Ring, Tick Tock and Splish Splash (on their bottle holders) on chairs or other surfaces around the play area. Say hello to each and revise their names.
Invite the children to mime holding a steering wheel to drive a car and to ‘drive’ past each Baby Beetle, pretending to collect him or her along the way.
Hold up the car flashcard with Zoom and repeat the phrase My car together.
Play the song and encourage the class to join in with the phrase My car each time it is heard. Lead the group ‘driving’ anticlockwise around the room. Turn around to face the other way and explain that you know have to drive home! Play the track again and ‘drive’ the group clockwise.
Note: This activity is similar to the standard version but is so classic and popular that it can be repeated in each session.
Praise them all.

Extra activity 1

15‑30 mins

Steering wheel Online Resource sheet

Ask the children to sit at tables.
Play the song in the background.
Hand out colouring pencils or paints and give each pupil the steering wheel template from the Online resources.
Invite them all to colour their ‘steering wheel’.
Praise them all.

Extra activity 2

15 mins

Game My car goes fast!

Prepare the following in advance:
Strips of white/yellow paper or ribbon to mark out a winding road around the classroom or play space. Alternatively, mark a roadway with a chalk line.
Invite the pupils to hold their steering wheel like Zoom and to ‘drive’ along the road. Repeat the phrase My car goes fast! Ask the class to stop and explain and demonstrate moving slowly. Say My car goes slowly. Invite the class to drive slowly. Repeat the word slowly together. Now move faster together and return to the phrase My car goes fast. Play the song track again and encourage the children to sing as they drive along the marked road.
Alternative: Ask the pupils to stand in two lines like a road. Invite four pupils to act out being the Baby Beetles in the car, two in front, two behind. Play the song and invite the ‘car’ to drive up the road, around the outside and back to the start. Repeat with new groups until everyone has had a turn.
Allow the pupils to take the steering wheel home. They can play with it while they listen, watch and sing at home!
Praise them all.

More Time

Review or new
Choose to repeat an activity or choose to revise the topic using the extra activity suggested below.

Pupil’s choice
Use the activity poster. Invite a pupil to choose which activity you will do today
to play with the Baby Beetles: film or song or game and repeat the activity using the
instructions above.

Your choice
Invite a pupil to point to the activity of your choice on the poster (using the home language and English). Ask the class if they remember how that activity worked and see if the pupil can remind everyone. Play the activity and praise everyone!