Zoom: I am hiding!


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New key words hiding, boo, shsh, hide
Phrases I am hiding.
New grammar Present continuous -ing

Hello with the Zoom puppet

3 mins

Put on the Zoom hand puppet. Hold up a book and make the puppet hide behind it.
Let Zoom look out from behind the book and then go back quickly. In Zoom’s voice say I am hiding! In your own voice say gently Hello, Zoom!
Encourage the children to call out Hello, Zoom! too. Then make the Zoom puppet pop out quickly and say loudly Boo! Continue to the film section.
Note: This activity works well with the puppet theatre or screen.


15 mins

Ask the class to sit where they can watch the film screen easily. Say Sit down please!
Watch the film. Say, Let’s watch! After the film, invite the class to show you and tell you what sounds the Baby Beetles and Zoom make in the film. Elicit Shshsh! and Boo! Show the actions of putting a finger across your lips for Shshsh! And cup your hands round your mouth and call Boo!
Watch the film again and encourage the group to join in with these sounds.
Praise them all.

Training example


15 mins

Place the four Baby Beetles puppets on the bottle stands (see unit 1).
Place Zoom behind Ring Ring and say I am hiding! Then place Splish Splash behind Ring Ring and say again I am hiding! Then place Tick Tock behind Splish Splash and say I am hiding!
Invite a volunteer to copy that action and let all the class repeat I am hiding!
Now invite a pupil to stand behind the Zoom puppet and say I am hiding!
Invite more volunteers to hide behind Zoom one at a time.
Praise everyone.
Extend the activity if you have time. Now place Tick Tock in front. Place Zoom behind Tick Tock and say Zoom says I am hiding! Extend again by saying Ring Ring says I am hiding! and so on with all four character names.
Note: This activity works well with the puppet theatre or screen instead of hiding behind the other puppets.


10‑15 mins

Hiding game
Make a large circle. Ask everyone to sit down and explain that your are going to ask them to hide their faces behind their hands. Say and present the word hide.
Explain that you will say some action words, but if they hear hide, then should hide their faces. You will then say Boo! and they can take away their hands and shout Boo!
Use the action words learnt so far. Say run, walk, hide [Boo!], dance, jump, clap, hide [Boo!], zoom, jump, walk, dance, hide [Boo!] and so on.
Note: If they get too excited when they shout Boo! Use the action and sound Shshsh! to calm the class down again.
Praise them all.


15‑20 mins

Instruction: Colour, fold and play
Ask the children to sit at the tables.
Hand out colouring pencils.and the Pupil’s Book Hiding sheet.
Play the song in the background.
Invite the class to colour the Baby Beetles in the chest on the front.
Help them to fold the top panel over so that the Baby Beetles can hide in the box.
Invite the children to close the lid and say hide, then open the lid and all shout Boo! as in the song.
Write the child’s name on the back of the sheet.
Praise them all.

Pupil's book page


10‑15 mins

Song text Shsh! I am hiding! Boo!

Option 1

Using the Pupil’s Book sheet
Play the song while the children are at the tables. Ask them to listen to the song and when they hear hide, they should close the box lid. When they hear Boo! They should open the lid to show all the Baby Beetles!
Praise them all.

Option 2

Invite the class to stand in a circle.
Play the song and join in so that you are demonstrating the actions too.
Hide your face behind your hands then remove your hands on Boo! Stand still while their faces are covered, so until they say Boo! then allow the children to walk around again.
Note: If you have soft play furniture, allow the children to hide behind those items instead of hiding behind their hands. They can stand up or jump out to say Boo!
Praise them all.

Extra activity

15‑30 mins

Game – Shshsh!

This can be fun, as long as your group is not disturbing other classes!
All stand.
Hold up the Zoom card and explain that when you hold him high up, the class may say as many English words or phrases as they can remember – very loudly and fast!
As soon as you lower the Zoom card and put it behind your back, they must all stop talking immediately and say Shshsh!
After a few repeats, this can be an elimination game. Short game – choose a winner i.e. the first child to say Shshsh! He or she gets a reward sticker and the game ends. Longer game – the last child to say Shshsh! is out and has to sit on the floor. Repeat the process until you have a winner!

Mirror me – Extension with -ing

You may need to introduce this game on one occasion and then play it again on another day, as it may take time for the children to apply the new grammar rule. However, they should manage to do this automatically in time and do not need to understand how it works!
Stand in a circle. Remind the class about the Mirror me game from the last unit.
Hide your own face behind your hands (but so that you can still look through your fingers at the pupils) and say I am hiding. Invite the class to copy you and repeat the phrase if they can.
Run on the spot and extend the use of -ing. Say I am running.
Invite the class to mirror your actions and say the phrase with you.
Revise the following actions:
Jump up and down and say I am jumping.
Walk and say I am walking.
Dance and say I am dancing.
Play and say I am playing.
Slow your actions down and say I am stopping. Then stop and say Stop!
Clap and say I am clapping. Well done, everyone! Super!
Praise everyone.