Tom and Keri Expert Teacher's Lesson Notes Level B

Book 25 Tom’s Aeroplane


Items to prepare

  • Lesson notes

  • Who’s that? storybook

  • Word and phrase picture cards

  • Expert Pupil's Pages

  • Tom and Keri puppets

  • Tom and Keri toys

  • Reward stickers

Extras: none

Expert Online resource sheet (some units only)

Key vocabulary
Phrases: I’ve got a plane! You are the pilot! I can fly! I can see… I like + verb. Here is your plane. Look down there!
Nouns: pilot, aeroplane, plane, cloud, wing, tail, houses, birds, trees
Verbs: take off, fly, land, catch, want to
Other core words: white, up, down

Present or revise the key words with the flashcards or matching item

Show the flashcard of the aeroplane or the cover of the book Tom’s aeroplane.
Ask the pupils to stand in a space so that they can stretch out their arms.
Explain that they are all going to be aeroplanes.
Invite the pupils to copy your actions and perhaps use the following text. Pause between each phrase to let the pupils repeat the words after you and join you on the flight!
Say Let’s go! Brrrrrm, brrrrm. Lift your arms to the flying position and say Take off! Up, up, up! Now I am up in the sky! I can see clouds. I can see birds. I can see trees! Now I can fly down, down, down. Let’s land. Bump, brrrm, brrrr, brrrr and stop. Well done!
Ask the class to sit where they can all see you and the story on the screen easily.

Set the context, revise the film

Show flashcards for the words that they already know and elicit the answers: pilot, plane, cloud, wing, tail.
Praise everyone

Story time

Click here to go to Storybook 25

Create an atmosphere of excitement and focus around the story with a chant to establish a routine.

Tom and Keri storybook.
Come and listen, take a look!

Start by showing the first image and allow the pupils a couple of seconds to scan the image and understand the scene from the picture before you start to read.

Note: Consider using the tips outlined in story 1.

In summary, they are as follows:
Read the story to the pupils in English yourself at a slow pace or play the narration audio track.
Point to the images of the characters and key words as they are read.
Highlight and explain key new words where necessary.

First reading – understand and engage (key words and story steps)

Read the story, highlighting new key words in the following ways:

  1. First read the text for the page/image slowly, clearly and with expression.

  2. Read the text on that page again, pointing to key items or demonstrating key actions.

  3. Move on to the next image and text and repeat the process.

Story time Tips
Highlight the key action in the story that creates emotional moments. Show the emotions of the scenes in your voice and on your face to help the pupils follow the thread of the storyline through feelings. In this story, Tom and Keri are excited to be able to fly. Keri loves seeing everything from up in the sky, but is disappointed when the cloud she catches melts. Dog does not like flying with Tom because Tom lets the plane go up and down too much. He runs away at the end so that he does not have to fly again!

Second reading – focus to engage Before you start, give the class a task to do to keep them interested in the story by focusing on one aspect of it. Invite the class to join in with simple phrases in the text: Wheeee! I like flying! or point down and say Look down there! or Let’s fly again! Read the whole story again, this time reading the text on each page only once, so that the progress of the action steps is clear.

Third reading – action to engage
Use the audio book on the screen for this reading, so that you can lead these actions.
Invite the pupils to mime the characters in turn:

  • Mime being an excited Tom when he hears he is a pilot.

  • Mime being Keri looking out of the plane at the world below.

  • Mime being Dog with shaking legs. Shake your head too, to show he does not want to fly again!

Lead the actions to demonstrate what to do during the story.
Praise everyone

Song time If I could sit in a cloud

Invite the pupils to stand in a circle, facing round as if they were going to walk in a circle. This is so that they can hold up their arms safely. Ask them to hold their arms out like the wings on Keri’s glider‑plane.
Place picture cards on the floor, face up, so that the pupils can look down at them as they ‘fly’. Use cloud, house, tree, flower, bird, frog or any other animals from the series.
Invite the pupils to glide slowly around in a circle to the song.
Encourage them to sing along to the song too. At the end of the song, ask them to face the centre (arms down) and to name the items they can see on the floor/graound using the phrase I can see a …
Praise everyone

Expert Pupil's Pages

Item: pilot
Instructions: Trace over the dotted lines and colour the pilot

Invite the pupils to walk to the tables like a pilot.
Hand out the pupil's page for the unit.
Demonstrate completing the pilot picture by drawing over the dotted lines with your finger.
Invite the pupils to complete the picture and to colour the pilot.
Praise everyone

Insert the Expert pupil's page for Tom's Aeroplane here

Using the page with the story

Each story page is a prop to be used in the classroom to support more play with English. Use the pupil’s page in a say‑and‑respond activity.

Re‑read the story and invite the pupils to hold up their pilot picture when they hear the word in the text.
Revise the key words and phrases and say together, I am the pilot of the aeroplane. I can fly!
Praise everyone.

Activity - The journey

Invite the class to sit in a circle for an activity.
Explain that you are all going to go on a long journey with Tom, Keri, Dog and Cat.
Invite volunteers to hold each of the four character puppets.
Invite more volunteers to hold the flashcards for bus, car, plane and train.
Ask the volunteer with the bus to show the card to the class. All repeat Bus. We are going for a ride on a bus.
Mime driving a bus with a large steering wheel and move around in a circle. Say Stop!
Ask the volunteer with the plane to show the card to the class. All repeat plane. We are going on a plane.
Mime flying a plane, with arms out as wings and move around in a circle. Say Stop!
Ask the volunteer with the train to show the card to the class. All repeat Train. We are going for a ride in a train.
Mime driving a train and pull the whistle to say Toot! Toot! Then move around in a circle. Say Stop!
Say Well done! Now it is now to go home!
Reverse the actions. Invite the pupil with the train card to show it and all ride on a train and so on back to the bus and then home.
Say Stop!
Praise the class.


Invite the class to join in with some story catch‑phrases.
Ask the class to sit in a circle.
Show the flashcard of the plane and say the phrase I like flying!
Pass the card round the circle and ask the pupils to take the card and say I like flying!, then pass it on quickly.

Repeat and extend
Use other phrases from the story or other units to extend the activity.
Pass a new card around and use a new phrase, for example:

  • Car card and the phrase I like driving!

  • Frog card and the phrase I like jumping!

  • Bird card and the phrase I like singing!

  • Pirate card and the phrase I like sailing!

Praise everyone.

Song activity with the song If I could sit in a cloud

Ask the pupils to sit in a circle.
Place a large selection of flashcards from the series face up on the floor.
Play the song and invite the pupils one by one to come and choose two items that they would like to see from up in the cloud. When they have chosen, they return to their place in the circle and continue singing the song. At the end of the song, ask each pupil to name the items they can see from up in the sky, using either the phrase I can see…. or Here is a…
Praise everyone.

Re‑telling the story with key‑word focus

Re‑tell the story with the puppets and key‑word flashcards.
Invite four helpers to come to the front and to hold the character puppets.
Invite helpers to come forward and hold the flashcards for a pilot, cloud, tail, wing, house, tree, flower and plane.
Read the story even slower than before, allowing enough time for each pupil to hold up the matching card or character puppet. To keep the whole class engaged, you can invite the pupils to work in pairs, so that they prompt each other to match the word they hear with a response.

Game activity

Explain that the pupils are going to fly.
Ask them to choose a place in another country that they have heard of. If they cannot think of one, use London. Say Let’s fly to London!
Ask the class to choose a pilot. Invite the pilot to stand at the front. Encourage the class to repeat the phrase You are the pilot.
Invite the class to sit in two or three lines (depending on the size of your class) like sitting in seats on an aeroplane. If you have space, perhaps place chairs as the wings and ask a pupil to stand at the back to be the tail. Repeat together the phrases There are wings on the aeroplane. There is a tail on the aeroplane.
Ask the pilot to sit at the front. If you like, add a co‑pilot, like on a real plane.
Lead the action. Invite the class to raise their arms gently like wings and say Up! Lower them and say together Down!. Perhaps hand out the character puppets so that it is clear that this plane is for Tom and Keri and so they need to speak in English.
Ask the passengers to tell you what Keri can see from the plane. What can Keri see? What can you see? Elicit as many words as possible.
Praise everyone.

If you have time....

Extra resource sheet

Theme: Cloud mobile Instructions: Colour, fold, cut and stick

Invite the pupils to walk to the tables like Dog with shaking legs.
Hand out the extra resource sheet print out for the unit and pencils.
Invite the pupils to colour the space round the clouds blue like the sky but stay inside the circle lines.
Help them to cut off and fold the band for the mobile and to cut and stick on the tabs. Help them to cut out the clouds and hang them on the tabs so that they float below the ring.
Use the new word from the story float and say The clouds are floating in the sky.
Invite the pupils to take the mobile home. If you do not have time to finish making the mobile in the classroom, invite pupils to take it home and finish it with their family.

Praise everyone

Insert the Expert online resource sheet for Tom's Aeroplane here

Using the extra resource sheet with the story

Extend the activity
Invite the pupils to sit where they can see the screen.
Show the vocabulary presentation film and invite the pupils to repeat the words and phrases with the presenter.
Encourage the pupils to listen for the word cloud and to hold up their mobile (or mobile sheet, if not cut out yet) when they repeat the word with the film.
Praise everyone.