Baby Beetles – Home (demo)

Baby Beetles is the first series designed to teach English to children from birth. It is ideal for use at home or in playgroups. Parents, carers, teachers or supervisors require no expert training to be able to enjoy this series with children in their care.

The notes that accompany each part of the series provide advice, tips and suggestions for activities to engage in while or after watching the films. These are straightforward and easy to follow.

Developed for young learners everywhere, the Baby Beetles series follows a clear and tested methodology. Claire Selby’s innovative approach harnesses the natural way in which children learn language and builds it into a systematic teaching programme.

All children from the earliest age enjoy listening to songs and singing along. Learning the words to these songs does not seem like ‘work’, just fun. Children memorise the words of songs with amazing speed and remember them, even into adulthood!

With the help of the Baby Beetles animated songs, children become familiar with the sounds, rhythms, key words and phrases that build strong foundations for future learning of English.

The key to the Baby Beetles series is learning through play – watching and listening as often as you and your child wish. Toddlers and preschoolers love to learn English with the Baby Beetles in particular because the songs are sung by children. Listeners feel they are sharing songs with friends. Carefully recorded and edited according to Claire Selby’s editing plan, the children’s voices offer clear, correct pronunciation together with the happy tone only children can produce. This is part of the children-teach-children approach that has made this series so popular.

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Week 2: My Car
Week 7: I am hiding!