Tom and Keri A – Home (demo)

The Tom and Keri series is designed to help preschool children learn English through animated stories they will enjoy watching.

Stories and adventures offer children a natural way to meet new words in a clear and entertaining context. Children can learn 500 words and phrases of English in this series that covers the vocabulary areas, grammar structures and lexical sets that are essential for the preschool age group.

The animated series consists of 26 episodes, each with a different theme and storyline. There are also over 52 songs and rhymes in the series for children to learn as they sing along. The songs have been pre-tested and are known to be easy for children to sing with memorable tunes. There are 13 episodes on Level A and 13 episodes in Level B.

Children are open to learning through animation because they see animated stories as a source of entertainment. They can relate to the situations they see and the feelings of the characters in those situations.

By combining animated stories, songs, rhymes and a touch of magic, Tom and Keri helps all children of preschool age, whether they are learning English as a first, second or third language.

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